Premium natural hair product handcrafted with natural oils and shea butter that moisturizes, define curls, and promotes hair growth.



Women who decide to embark on this natural journey desire versatility when it comes to wearing their hair. We would like the freedom to wear our natural hair any way we please, however for some this is not the case. One of my biggest issues during my natural hair journey ,was having to deal with dry hair and not retaining moisture. I also struggled with heat damage, and anyone who is transitioning may know exactly what I’m talking about. I tried many products that just didn’t do the job. I needed something that was not only going to moisturize my hair, but also define my curl pattern. My very own struggle led me to handcraft my own natural product. I believe that my product can moisturize, define your curls, and promotes hair growth. I can guarantee through my experience as well as others that this product will give your hair the nutrients that it needs.  My desire is that my product will be able to help everyone, embrace their natural hair journey; women, children and men.